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• published Dec 30, 2009 • last edit Jan 04, 2021

Journalists, educators, and activists keep up to date on the important work of peacemaking by reading this popular and respected magazine. Four times a year we publish articles, news stories, book and film reviews, letters, and a Peace Crossword. We discuss disarmament; conflict resolution; nonviolent sanctions; peace institutions (e.g. the United Nations and the World Court); conflicts and crises around the world; profiles of activists and researchers; and controversies about development, population, and environmental protection.

Our stories are technically accurate, yet intelligible to any reader with a general education and some interest in international affairs and global security.

Peace Magazine is published by Canadian Disarmament Information Service (CANDIS) — a nonprofit organization. We rely heavily on volunteers, including our associate editors who select and commission articles for each issue.

If you are interested in subscribing to the print edition of the magazine, click here. If you have suggestions for articles, you’re invited to send an email message to the editor, Metta Spencer (; please read our writers’ guidelines as well.

Some History

The Peace Calendar was CANDIS’ original publication — starting as a single-page mimeographed listing of peace-related activities in the Toronto area (see the January 1983 edition here in PDF format) — and expanding into to a 12-page tabloid with articles and analysis in addition to Canada-wide listings.

In March 1985, The Peace Calendar was relaunched as Peace Magazine (read editorial from the first issue here). Originally typeset and pasted up in the traditional way from galleys, by early 1986 it was the first Canadian magazine to be produced with desktop publishing software.

The Peace Magazine website began in 1997. During 2004, we scanned back issues and recovered files from old floppy disks to build up a comprehensive online archive of back issues. All articles and letters (but not listings and ads) from both the Peace Calendar and Peace Magazine, from January 1983 to the present, are now available electronically.1

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1 We only upload selected articles from the current year, though we will make current articles available to researchers and/or other publications on request. Reprint fees will be charged for commercial use.

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