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• published Oct 20, 2012 • last edit Jan 01, 2015
We will immediately start a gift subscription to the friend, relative, or group you name on the form below, and invoice you within 4 weeks. You then have one month to pay. You can pay with a cheque drawn on a Canadian or US bank, by Canadian $ money order, or online by credit card.

You can also start a gift subscription through our normal payment page by entering your friend’s name and address in PayPal’s ‘shipping address’ field.

Rates are as follows: Canada: 4 issues for $20.00 plus GST or HST * Canada: 8 issues for $33.00 plus GST or HST * USA 1 year (4 issues) at US$24.00 (Can$24.00 if paying through Paypal)

* Your invoice will show the appropriate tax rate for the recipient’s province or territory


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