Peace Magazine

Vol.31, No.2: April-June 2015

Making History: 30 Years of Peace Mag

It’s Peace Magazine’s thirtieth anniversary this spring (see our very first issue here) so it makes sense for us to look at the peace movement’s past accomplishments as well as looking forward at what we still need to do. In this issue’s editorial, we look at some of this history. (Did you know it’s also the 30th anniversary of Gorbachev’s coming to power in the Soviet Union?)

Also in this issue

Science for Peace president ( and Peace Magazine editor) Metta Spencer with panelists Paul Robinson and Borys Wrzesnewskyj at the “Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace” conference, 22 Feb 2015. [photo: Mike Celic]

Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace COMMENT
Subir Guin and Ed Silva report on February’s one-day conference in Toronto, organized by Science for Peace.

‘Debugging’ World Order COMMENT
The Ukraine conflict demonstrates that various world actors are trying to see how far they can push. More than just another re-set is needed, says Alexander Likhotal. Europe too needs to see beyond its borders and create a wider security arrangement for all of “Eurasia.”

Obama’s Legacy COMMENT
Journalist and analyst John Feffer was in Toronto for the “Ukraine and Russia: Prospects for Peace” conference (see elsewhere this issue). Metta Spencer interviewed him about the direction of US foreign policy under Obama, and what we can expect—or fear—from his successor.

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Updated 04 April 2015

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