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April – June 2024: Vol.40, No.2

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In the past, our 32-page magazine was available in two forms: a quarterly print publication, and the text archive on our website, The former costs $20 a year in Canada, whereas the latter is of course free—though we only put half of each issue online immediately after publication (in a text-only format), making the remaining articles available on the archive only at the end of each year. Foreign subscribers have been few, since it is costly and slow to mail print magazines overseas.

So, in mid-2023 we’re making some changes. Henceforth, each entire issue will be available for subscription worldwide only in a digital version that contains everything (including photos, letters, editorials, and colour) formatted as in the former print edition—at the same $20 annual subscription price. (See the button below.) The digital version is a pdf designed either for reading on regular computers, tablets, or mobile phones, and instant translation is available into 30 languages. This version is instantly available through a news aggregator, PressReader, to everyone in the world with Internet access.

The Peace Magazine archives

Every year on New Year’s Day, we mark the occasion by uploading all remaining articles from the issues published during the preceding calendar year. See the archive page here for more than 2700 individual articles from March 1985 to December 2022. You can also read online copies of the Peace Calendar — which preceded Peace Magazine — from 1983/84.

Video, audio, text, and more:

Please visit this website:, where there are recordings of forums as videos, audio podcasts, and transcripts, as well as columns for public discussion, to which we hope you’ll post occasionally. There is also a calendar listing upcoming events anywhere on earth; please publicize there your own group’s planned events that address serious global threats to humankind.

Project Save the World releases several of these new one-hour videos each week. They are originally broadcast live on YouTube, but you can also watch, listen to, or read the edited recordings afterward on the website (see below). The display’s layout may vary depending on your screen size. At the top of the box below, click the small ‘playlist’ icon to browse through a full list of videos.

We invite you to join our monthly Global Town Hall, where researchers and concerned citizens around the world meet on Zoom for two hours to discuss ways of mitigating global risks. These occur on the last Sunday of every month from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern (Toronto) time at

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Updated 20 May 2024

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