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By Metta Spencer | 2021-12-31 20:00:00

Goodbye, Paper Edition! Hello, Digital!

This is the final print edition of Peace Magazine. We hadn’t planned it, but our printing company surprised us by closing down. Besides, it’s hypocritical to call the climate crisis “an emergency” in a publication made from precious trees. About 14 percent of global deforestation is for paper goods. Each year people turn a forest area the size of the Netherlands into paper—which soon gets burned. So Peace Magazine is changing our ways and we hope you’ll follow us.

We will fulfill all existing subscriptions by emailing your copies in electronic format. You can read the pdf on your computer, cell phone, or tablet or print it out. For this, we need your email address but, unfortunately, we may not have it. We’ll mail you a letter asking for it, but to ensure you get the April issue on time, please send your email address now to Thanks!

If you aren’t a subscriber yet but want to become one (hooray!) your best bet is through PressReader, which offers 7000 publications online. You will pay the regular price and it will appear on your computer or mobile device as if by magic. On your browser, just go to and enter “Peace Magazine” in the search bar. When the cover image of our magazine appears, click on it. Choose either a single issue for CAD $5.49 or an annual subscription (four issues) for CAD $19.99. (The same price as always!) Follow the instructions to create your account and pay by credit card. To order a gift subscription, enter the recipient’s email address.

Digital publications have several advantages. A paper copy is too expensive and slow for international mail, but anyone with Internet access can instantly receive a digital version. We’ll share peace information across the entire English-speaking world. We’ll be more transnational, while remaining firmly rooted in Canada with our regular team of writers and editors. We’ll give Canadian activists a voice in the wider world, so if you want to publish something, please submit it to, labelled as “submission”.

Another advantage is that digital lets us add as many pages as we want. (With paper, you can add as many as are formed by folding a big sheet of paper.) We expect to add pages by activists and researchers who occupy the “silos” separating them from allies working to save the world from six global threats. Please visit and contribute to a comment column or watch some of the talk show videos or audio podcasts. See you there!

Peace Magazine January-March 2022

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