From the Editor

We are particularly interested at this time in the prospect of peace in the Middle East. The second Camp David peace conference on that topic took place without success, but the Palestinians and Israelis promised to continue their dialogue, and many internal dialogues are taking place that may advance the peace process. We offer two analyses from Israel, plus an interview of the Palestinian nonviolent activist Mubarak Awad by Meir Amor.

Awad's comments are also part of the second major theme of this issue: nonviolence. Besides his interview we have a piece about the work of Peace Brigades International, especially in accompanying people in Colombia whose security is in danger. And we present a more general discussion of nonviolence from the point of view of two leading Canadian pacifists, Ursula Franklin and Leonard Desroches, who both see great power in nonviolence.

Also, none of us must allow the issue of nuclear weaponry fade into the background. See the articles on a NWFZ in Central Asia and the wider progress on nuclear abolition.

Peace Magazine Oct-Dec 2000

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