Brigadier (Ret) Michael Neale Harbottle, OBE

By Gen. Leonard V. Johnson | 1997-05-01 12:00:00

Michael Harbottle, age 80, co-founder of Generals for Peace and Disarmament and of the Centre for International Peacebuilding, Chipping Norton, UK, died suddenly on April 30 of a massive stroke.

Michael, a Sandhurst graduate, served as regimental officer, battalion commander, security commander in Aden and as Chief of Staff, United Nations Forces in Cyprus. In 1968, after service with the U.N., he resigned from the army and devoted his life to peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding, the continuum of activities leading to the permanent resolution of disputes. He was the author of several influential books and manuals on U.N. field operations.

Michael was wounded in Italy during the Second World War. In the 1980s, during the Reagan-Thatcher Cold War revival, his opposition to NATO nuclear weapons brought public criticism. His successful efforts to promote trust and common interest among retired NATO and Warsaw Treaty Organization generals and admirals helped to end the Cold War in Europe but made him further vulnerable to slander.

Energetic to the end, Michael was dictating another book at the moment of his stroke. He is survived by his wife, Eirwen, devoted colleague and moving spirit behind Peace Child International. His work continues through her and the many he led and inspired.

Written by Leonard V. Johnson, Generals for Peace.

Peace Magazine May-June 1997

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