This time we turn from the grand level of relations between nation-states to grotty, face-to-face level intergroup relations-racism, nationalistic enmities, sexism, and rape. These two levels are connected; when nationalism, for example, results in secession, it moves from the intra- to the inter-national level and becomes harder to solve. Every exclusive in-group solidarity is a precondition for out-group chauvinism. When nationalism, the twin of racism, combines with sexism and militarism, rape and sexual exploitation are the outcomes. Now we know about the rape-death camps in the former Yugoslavia, which are exceptional only in being officially planned operations. Informal sexual torture of women exists near military bases everywhere. And racism is part of our society. We cover here some of the Canadian work against racism. Peace work is every effort to surmount in-group solidarities (e.g. in gender, race, or ethnicity) that create out-group hostility.

About Our New "Science For Peace Section"

Science for Peace just goes on, year by year, organizing public lectures, submitting briefs to government, conducting research, and publishing books whose main audience is the academic community. Unfortunately, they'll not always reach far enough beyond the universities. Beginning now, we hope to cooperate in their outreach. Science for Peace will buy pages in our magazine for material they generate that is of interest to the whole peace and environment movement, These pages will be integrated in style and content with the rest of our magazine. To that end, we have invited two new associate editors, Bob Baxter and Phyllis Creighton, to represent Science for Peace in our weekly editorial meetings. You can spot the Science for Peace section by its logo. This time it covers, among other important matters, lectures by Joanna Manning on sexism and the church, and by Floyd Rudmin on U.S. plans to invade Canada. Both Science for Peace and Peace Magazine invite others to join our organizations-especially if you have an hour or two every week to volunteer for peace work. PEACE should reach out beyond our own faithful readers to inform and inspire others.

Peace Magazine Mar-Apr 1993

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