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The Vancouver Island Conversion Committee has created a pamphlet on present military activity in British Columbia and plans for conversion. You can obtain the pamphlet from the Vancouver Island Conversion Committee Site 52, RR#2, Gabriola Island BC VOR 1X0 Tel (604) 247-8335. Ten copies cost $2.00.

Ernie Regehr of Project Ploughshares spoke in Victoria on the arms trade and conversion.

Pacific Campaign to Disarms the Seas has produced a video, Arms Race at Sea: Over? or Under Cover? which uses once-classified U.S. military film footage. Contact: Patti Willis, Pacific Campaign to Disarm the Seas, 3780 Lake Road, Denman Island, B.C. V0R 1T0.

Conscience Canada is asking volunteers to gear up for its 1993 Peace Tax Challenge in February. Book early for a space in malls and other venues for forums. Contact Conscience Canada at Box 8601, Victoria Central Post Office, Victoria, B.C., V8W 3S2. Phone (604)384-5532

M.P.s. Svend Robinson and Ray Funk are now sponsoring bills to allow people to divert part of their taxes to peace tax funds.


The Project Ploughshares Reflections on Hiroshima annual memorial event, held in Edmonton on Aug. 6 at the legislature reflective pool, was attended by close to 200 people this year.


The Winnipeg Coordinating Committee on Disarmament is working on the GE boycott, getting the video documentary Deadly Deception distributed. Rich Freeman, getting high school students involved, says "it's a good campaign because people can watch TV" The group will be changing its name to Peace Alliance Winnipeg in the new year. Call them at 519/888-6541.

Building Peace Through Play is holding their annual play festival in Winnipeg in early November. This has been a very successful event for the past four years. It involves entertainment and resource displays-books, games, crafts, and face painting, and admission is free. Contact the organizers at 204/775-8178.


Close to 100 activists gathered on September 12 and 13 for the Ontario Peace Conference in Oakville, organized by Act for Disarmament. Participants were greeted by Danny Beaton of the Mohawk nation who performed a prayer ceremony. A clear consensus emerged that the peace movement must get rid of the roots of violence and build a culture for peace in Ontario. Local organizers led delegates in a demonstration for "War no More" through downtown Oakville.

On October 12, the 500 Years / Ontario 1992 Coalition staged a day of events in Toronto to commemorate five hundred years of indigenous resistance and survival.

The World Federalist Association announced the establishment of the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award, with an annual prize of $2000 for the most effective public communication in support of Global Governance. Nominations for the 1992 award, to be presented in the spring of 1993, are now being sought. The deadline for nominations is February 15, 1993. Contact: WFA, 418 Seventh St. S.E., Washington, D.C. 2003.

The Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA) has embarked on a letter-writing campaign to stop the Canadian government from spending $4.4 billion on fifty military helicopters. The government is citing the need for search and rescue but 35 of the 50 helicopters will be equipped with torpedos and other antisubmarine warfare equipment. The entire current fleet, which has only had one crash in thirty years, could be converted to search and rescue for one-twentieth of the cost of the planned purchase, says the Peace Alliance. Contact the CPA at 416/588-5555.

New Brunswick

The Ploughshares Atlantic Regional Conference, held in Fredericton from September 18-20, tackled the theme "From Peacekeeping to Peacemaking". About 30 people attended, and the keynote speaker was Peter Langille.

Nova Scotia

Veterans Against Nuclear Arms in Halifax are sponsoring their annual "soldiering for peace" drive, to raise money for the Defence Research and Education Centre, which conducts research into alternative, peaceful uses of defence. Contact Mary Kitley, 902/823-2770.


In September the Peace Centre in St. John's hosted David Jackman, who met with activists and spoke publicly about Federal Defence Spending.

On U.N. Disarmament Day the Centre held a rally against the NATO low-level flight training over Nitassinan, as part of the National Day of Action initiated by ACT for Disarmament The recently formed St. John's Raging Grannies performed.

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