Support for Syria

I wonder what opinion Mary Khass will have of Maxine Nunn after the latter's confrontational American approach when interviewing her? For example, "Some people say, 'once the (Palestinian) state is there, how can we know that the Muslim fundamentalists won't take over-or somebody who supports Syria?"' I wish Maxine would tell us what's wrong with being a Muslim fundamentalist or supporting Syria, other than that our master, the United States, doesn't like that? I can think of many criminals and fundamentalists whom the U.S. supports, which seems to be quite alright. How come? Why must the Palestinians only support our criminals?

B. Aldanov, Ottawa, Ontario

No Nice Way to Kill

Peter Williams, spokesman for the U.S. State Department said "there's no nice way to kill somebody in a war," when speaking of burying Iraqi conscripts alive.

Of all the multiplicity of reasons given by Mr. Bush and his State Department prior to going to war against the "Hitler of the 1990s," this one was not heard.

Maybe in preparing us for the next war of the New World Order (perhaps against "the Hitler 90 miles off Florida's coast") our chief warriors should profess one further justification that includes "We must bury alive the ignorant suffering repressed people of the Third World."

Neil Aberle, Bondhead, Ontario

One Dollar for Peace

Your report of the Agnes Macphail commemorative dinner at the University of Toronto was of special interest to us because of her long association with WILPF. In 1929 she was one of three Canadian women who attended WILPF's International Conference at The Hague. And, the following year, she became president of the Canadian section whose headquarters was in Vancouver.

In Witness Against War by Thomas P. Socknat reference is made to the similarity between a peace resolution introduced unsuccessfully by Agnes Macphail in Parliament in 1931 and a 1929 WILPF proposal. This provided for one dollar of every one hundred defence dollars to be used in each Canadian university for a chair and scholarships on improving international relations.

Dr. Eva Kushner, president of Victoria College, deserves our gratitude in organizing a dinner to commemorate the life and achievements of Agnes Macphail.

Carolyn Lacey Kline President, WILPF, B.C. Br.

Peace Magazine Nov-Dec 1991

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