Cesar Chavez for Children

Florence M.White, Cesar Chavez: Man of Courage. Americans All Series. Dell Publishing Co., Inc., 1975.

By Eva Torok (reviewer) | 1988-12-01 12:00:00

In her clearly-written and factual book for children, Florence M. White tells the story of Cesar Chavez from his birth to his role as organizer of the California farm workers. Her gift for using simple yet poignant narration to describe the conditions of the farm workers' lives and the work they do make Chavez's work all the more meaningful. Throughout the telling of the story, she emphasizes Chavez's love for his fellow man and his belief in nonviolence as the only means of achieving the farm workers' goals. The illustrations and photographs of Chavez and the farm workers complement the story nicely.

Peace Magazine Dec 1988-Jan 1989

Peace Magazine Dec 1988-Jan 1989, page 26. Some rights reserved.

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