End the Arms Race: Fund Human Needs

Proceedings of the Centennial Peace and Disarmament Symposium, Vancouver, April 1986. Edited by T.L. Perry and J.G. Foucks. Gordon Soules ,West Vancouver, 1986. $9.95 paperback. 336 pp.

By G.K. Ingham (reviewer) | 1988-02-01 12:00:00

This collection is a broad review of the results of the annual $900 billion military expenditure. The title reflects the argument. For the first time, the technological capacity exists to supply safe food, water, shelter, health protection, employment and dignity for all humans. A stabilized population can live well and indefinitely on the planet's sustainable resources.

Instead, however, the resources they require are being usurped for the global arms race. As Lord Louis Mountbatten observed, "The nuclear arms race has no military purpose. Wars cannot be fought with nuclear weapons." Details are presented to show the extremely low efficiency of the weapons industry in creating employment. The great economic advantage of conversion is illustrated by the performances of Japan and Germany since World War II, as compared to deficit ridden USA.

The facts and the urgency are not in doubt; what is needed is the will to act. These speakers offer practical agendas. The book is worth owning and should be lent often.

Peace Magazine Feb-Mar 1988

Peace Magazine Feb-Mar 1988, page 25. Some rights reserved.

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