Jobs and Military Spending

By Simon Rosenblum | 1986-10-01 12:00:00

A CANADIAN STUDY ON MILITARY SPENDING and job creation confirms what studies in the United States have been showing for some time-ie. military spending on goods and services is one of the least efficient means of job creation. The study, commissioned by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and written by Toby Sanger of Dalhousie University, shows that 111,000 more jobs would have been created during fiscal year 1983-84 if the money spent by the Department of National Defence had been available for consumer spending instead. The accompanying table indicates the jobs per $1 billion created in 1983-84 in each of nine areas.


1983-84 DND spending 22,000

Road and highway construction 37,000

Residential construction 38,000

Consumer spending 39,000

Hospital services 51,000

Education and related services 54,000

Radio and TV broadcasting 55,000

Urban transit systems 87,000

Post office 90,000

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1986

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