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Banners Could Travel

I have been participating in the "Blanket the Base" program for Greenham Common. As we have accumulated the banners, the feeling of being part of the world has steadily grown. Each new banner that arrives is a genuine piece of "folk art," whether it is 1 metre or as much as 10 metres long. For example, one was created this past weekend at a reception following a Quaker wedding in rural Nova Scotia. Around a peace dove are the traced hands of over 200 wedding guests. Just to look at it makes one feel warm and happy.

Our banners are not anti-military tools or confrontational devices, but treasures to be protected and given special treatment. There is a groundswell of feeling here that they should become a part of an expression of world fellowship when they are carried away from the September 8 demonstration. They should all become a touring international exhibit. Why not display banners all across Europe and in the Soviet Union?

It shouldn't be too hard to get such a project underway. Each host site might even feel moved to create its own banner of expression to add to the exhibit so it would gain momentum. If anyone in your organization would like to help organize such a project with groups in other countries, please contact me. I'm willing to act temporarily as a clearinghouse for contacts.

Mickie Haase, Goat Lake Farm, R.R.l, Chester, Nova Scotia BOJ iJO

Not Even Conventional

I was disturbed to read about the resolution put forward by the party establishment of the NDP in July's convention to remove one of the policies that clearly distinguishes this party from the others - namely withdrawing from NATO.

I hope you will have the resources to research and address the issues the peace movement has not yet grappled with: (a) whether it is logical to promote nuclear disarmament and yet agree with conventional weapons build-up or refurbishment, and (b) Canada's continued role in a military alliance. The only realistic, logical and morally sound conclusion is that neither nuclear nor conventional war can ever be waged between nuclear-armed countries, since the one that perceives itself losing will resort to using any weapon to regain supremacy.

David Ramsay, Kaministiquia, Ont.

Write More for Working People

I was very interested to note that Bob White, Canadian United Auto Workers' director, is a peace movement supporter who ardently encourages his union members to become involved with the movement. What the peace movement should aim for is increasing the involvement of working-class people as well as collecting an academic contingent. An interview with Bob White would be a heartily welcomed step in a future issue. I hope the number of simply-put, no-frills, "lingo for the laity" articles on Star Wars increases. The public needs to be informed.

Antoinetta Iona Sousa, Toronto

Peace Magazine November 1985

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