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  1. Newsworthy, Jul-Sep 2013, p.2
  2. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Jul-Sep 2013, p.4
  3. Letters, Jul-Sep 2013, p.5
  4. Sedef Arat-Koç Three Surprises of the Gezi Park Protests, Jul-Sep 2013, p.6
  5. Metta Spencer Let's Rescue Researchers, Jul-Sep 2013, p.8
  6. John Dupuis Cuts and Muzzlings During the Harper Years, Jul-Sep 2013, p.15
  7. Maggie Ziegler Breaking the Silence on the Rwanda Genocide: An Interview with Edouard Bamporiki, Jul-Sep 2013, p.16
  8. Sergey Rogov U.S. Foreign Strategy to Create New Global Order, Jul-Sep 2013, p.21
  9. The Chemical Weapons Convention, a Treaty for the Future?, Jul-Sep 2013, p.22
  10. Operation Dolphin 2012: Underwater Humanitarian Mission, Jul-Sep 2013, p.24
  11. Restoring Peace: The Case of Syria and International Diplomacy, Jul-Sep 2013, p.26
  12. Recovering Nonviolent History: Civil Resistance in Liberation Struggles, Jul-Sep 2013, p.29

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