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  1. Newsworthy, Jan-Mar 2012, p.2
  2. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Jan-Mar 2012, p.4
  3. Letters, Jan-Mar 2012, p.5
  4. Koozma Tarasoff Remembrance Day and the Occupy Movement, Jan-Mar 2012, p.6
  5. Some Proposed Occupy Demands, Jan-Mar 2012, p.7
  6. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Gene Sharp's Ideas are Breaking Through, Jan-Mar 2012, p.8
  7. Metta Spencer Principled and Pragmatic Peace, Jan-Mar 2012, p.13
  8. A Nuclear-Free Arctic: Why Now?, Jan-Mar 2012, p.16
  9. Farzana Hassan Blasphemy in Pakistan, Jan-Mar 2012, p.19
  10. Michael Veiluva Iran Through the Looking Glass, Jan-Mar 2012, p.20
  11. John Bacher Forest Peace, Jan-Mar 2012, p.23
  12. Ignat Kalinin Russia's Caspian War Games, Jan-Mar 2012, p.25
  13. Ler Wah Lo Bo Should the World Push Burma Toward Genuine Change?, Jan-Mar 2012, p.26
  14. Mel Watkins To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918, Jan-Mar 2012, p.29
  15. Anna Jaikaran (reviewer) Captivity: 188 Days in Iraq and the Struggle for a World without War, Jan-Mar 2012, p.29
  16. Justine Abigail Yu (reviewer) Keeping Watch: Monitoring, Technology, and Innovation in UN Peace Operations, Jan-Mar 2012, p.30

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