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  1. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Apr-Jun 2010, p.4
  2. Letters, Apr-Jun 2010, p.5
  3. Mark Walsh The Body and Peace, Apr-Jun 2010, p.6
  4. Robert M. Baxter 1926-2010, Apr-Jun 2010, p.7
  5. Metta Spencer (interviewer); Andrei Kamenshikov (interviewee) Rights and Conflict in Russia: A Talk With Nonviolence International's Andrei Kamenshikov, Apr-Jun 2010, p.8
  6. Marc Ellis Jewish Particularity and the Future of Israel and Palestine, Apr-Jun 2010, p.12
  7. John Foster and Millie Morton Afghanistan, the Pipeline, and Politics, Apr-Jun 2010, p.16
  8. Roger Hutchinson Comparative Ethics and the Responsibility to Protect, Apr-Jun 2010, p.20
  9. Maggie Ziegler Jamail's Journey Through War, Apr-Jun 2010, p.23
  10. Christopher Thornton A Window on Private Diplomacy, Apr-Jun 2010, p.25
  11. Mel Watkins (reviewer) Hot News on the Cold War, Apr-Jun 2010, p.27
  12. John Bacher Confronting the Bomb, Apr-Jun 2010, p.28
  13. Rosalie Bertell Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment, Apr-Jun 2010, p.29
  14. Newsworthy, Apr-Jun 2010, p.31

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