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  1. From the Editor, Winter 2000, p.4
  2. Letters, Winter 2000, p.5
  3. Michael Schull MSF, the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Canadian connection, Winter 2000, p.6
  4. James Orbinski There is no such thing as military humanitarianism, Winter 2000, p.8
  5. Julia Kalinina Chechnya is a dangerous place, Winter 2000, p.14
  6. Serguei Grigoriants And Russia is a dangerous place, Winter 2000, p.16
  7. Michael Oliver Global governance, Winter 2000, p.19
  8. John Bacher Osama bin Laden: king of the petro-tyrannies, Winter 2000, p.22
  9. Tim Donais Steering a new course in the Balkans, Winter 2000, p.26
  10. Susan Jagminas (reviewer) Review Essay: Life is Beautiful, Winter 2000, p.29
  11. Chris Hendry (reviewer) Review: Strangers at the gate: the Boat People's first ten years in Canada, Winter 2000, p.30
  12. Bob Baxter (reviewer) Review: How things come together: a collection of essays, Winter 2000, p.30
  13. Newsworthy, Winter 2000, p.31

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