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  1. From The Editor, Mar-Apr 1997, p.4
  2. Letters, Mar-Apr 1997, p.5
  3. Celeste Wallander NATO Enlargement to the East, Mar-Apr 1997, p.6
  4. Holly Ackerman Transition in Cuba: Terms of Change, Mar-Apr 1997, p.8
  5. Matthew Lauder Cyber-Hate, Mar-Apr 1997, p.14
  6. Metta Spencer (moderator) The Old Yugoslavia Re-visited: A Conversation, Mar-Apr 1997, p.16
  7. Metta Spencer A Doctor Without Borders: James Orbinski, Mar-Apr 1997, p.20
  8. Angus Archer Kofi Annan: A New Kind of Secretary-General, Mar-Apr 1997, p.24
  9. Fergus Watt Update on the International Criminal Court, Mar-Apr 1997, p.24
  10. David Morgan Newsworthy, Mar-Apr 1997, p.28
  11. Shirley Farlinger (reviewer) Review: Armed Conflicts Report 1996, Mar-Apr 1997, p.30
  12. Brian Burch (reviewer) Review: Fighting the Lamb's War: The Autobiography of Philip Berrigan, Mar-Apr 1997, p.30
  13. Lara Paul (reviewer) Film Review: Prisoner of the Mountains, Mar-Apr 1997, p.31

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