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  1. From the Editor, May-June 1996, p.4
  2. Letters, May-June 1996, p.5
  3. Metta Spencer (interviewer) The Russian "Democratura", May-June 1996, p.6
  4. Kristen Ostling Ten Years After Chernobyl: What Prospects for the Nuclear Option?, May-June 1996, p.8
  5. Norman Abbey From Goose Bay To Nanoose Bay:, May-June 1996, p.11
  6. Patricia Herdman, Rose A. Dyson, And Shirley Farlinger Save Our Cultural Environment: Democratize It, May-June 1996, p.13
  7. Michel Chossudovsky The Causes Of Global Hunger, May-June 1996, p.14
  8. Alison Macgregor Policing the Police in Haiti, May-June 1996, p.16
  9. Johan Galtung And Peter Atteslander To End the Crusades: A Peace Declaration, May-June 1996, p.19
  10. M. V. Ramana Urgent: A Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty, May-June 1996, p.21
  11. F.H. Knelman, Ph.D. U.S. Nuclear Policy from Reagan to Clinton: A Continuum of Terror, May-June 1996, p.24
  12. Bob Baxter (reviewer) Review: The Night Voyagers, May-June 1996, p.28
  13. Ute Lischke-McNab (reviewer) Film review: The Promise, May-June 1996, p.28
  14. Newsworthy, May-June 1996, p.31

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