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  1. Editorial, Sep-Oct 1994, p.4
  2. Letters, Sep-Oct 1994, p.5
  3. Yeshua Moser Political struggle in the Land of Snows (Tibet), Sep-Oct 1994, p.6
  4. The Defence Policy Advisory Group of Science for Peace No army!, Sep-Oct 1994, p.8
  5. Peter Nicholls Sides of the same coin: affection/aggression, Sep-Oct 1994, p.12
  6. Mohamed Urdoh Arms and Mandela?, Sep-Oct 1994, p.16
  7. Lynn McDonald Peace and the nuclear industry: are "atoms for peace" possible?, Sep-Oct 1994, p.19
  8. Valerie Smith Television advertisers reject violence, Sep-Oct 1994, p.22
  9. Nancy Toran-Harbin Serial killer entertainment: freedom of expression or toxic products?, Sep-Oct 1994, p.24
  10. Petra Kelly Nonviolence speaks to power, Sep-Oct 1994, p.27
  11. Kate Millett The politics of cruelty: an essay on the literature of political imprisonment, Sep-Oct 1994, p.28
  12. Newsworthy, Sep-Oct 1994, p.29

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