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  1. Editorial, May-Jun 1994, p.4
  2. Letters, May-Jun 1994, p.5
  3. Yves Belanger and Pierre Paquette Union versus management on the road to conversion, May-Jun 1994, p.6
  4. Heidi Rathjen and Wendy Cukier Disarmament begins at home, May-Jun 1994, p.8
  5. Maha Broum A generation of war: the youth of Lebanon, May-Jun 1994, p.12
  6. Anatol Rapoport and Metta Spencer (interviewers) Swiss watch with Major Ruth Meyer, May-Jun 1994, p.15
  7. David Burman LETS creates community: and community creates peace, May-Jun 1994, p.16
  8. Metta Spencer (interviewer) A war-resister combining social research with peace action in Belgrade, May-Jun 1994, p.20
  9. James Laxer False God: how the globalization myth has impoverished Canada, May-Jun 1994, p.23
  10. William Christian George Grant: a biography, May-Jun 1994, p.23
  11. Newsworthy, May-Jun 1994, p.24

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