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  1. Editorial, Nov-Dec 1993, p.4
  2. Letters, Nov-Dec 1993, p.5
  3. Meir Amor A Soldier's Limit, Nov-Dec 1993, p.6
  4. David M Last The future of peacekeeping, Nov-Dec 1993, p.8
  5. Mile Bozickovic The Urquhart debate, Nov-Dec 1993, p.10
  6. Normand Beaudet Real Peacekeeping or War Control Missions?, Nov-Dec 1993, p.12
  7. Metta Spencer (reviewer) Peacekeeper: the road to Sarajevo, Nov-Dec 1993, p.14
  8. Brian Burch (reviewer) Why I Survived the A-Bomb, Nov-Dec 1993, p.15
  9. John Marshall (reviewer) Pledge of Allegiance: The Americanization of Canada in the Mulroney Years, Nov-Dec 1993, p.15
  10. Slobodan Drakulic Peacekeepers as warmongers and peacemakers as warkeepers, Nov-Dec 1993, p.16
  11. Nancy Toran-Harbin The tides of justice, Nov-Dec 1993, p.20
  12. Metta Spencer Salman Rushdie in Prague: Helsinki Citizens Assembly, Nov-Dec 1993, p.21
  13. MV Naidu US strategy to militarize Japan, Nov-Dec 1993, p.22
  14. John McMurtry The Free Market, Human Rights, and Armed Forces: Report from the Far East, Nov-Dec 1993, p.24
  15. Newsworthy, Nov-Dec 1993, p.31

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