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  1. Letters, May 1985, p.4
  2. Cyril and Marjorie Powles Letter from New Zealand, May 1985, p.5
  3. Wendy Wright Stop Star Wars' Campaign, May 1985, p.6
  4. Laurie MacBride Nanoose Peace Camp Opens Again, May 1985, p.6
  5. Chris Frazer Student Protesters Disciplined, May 1985, p.7
  6. Robert Penner Alliance Planners Agree To Hold Convention, May 1985, p.7
  7. Metta Spencer Physicians Host Peace Conference, May 1985, p.8
  8. Roy McFarlane Pearson Discusses Peace And Security Institute, May 1985, p.9
  9. Metta Spencer New Proposal Would Cut Through Arms Asymmetries, May 1985, p.10
  10. Steve Shallhorn Depth Charges in the Political Landscape, May 1985, p.12
  11. Metta Spencer (interviewer); Rosalie Bertell (interviewee) Low-Level Radiation and Species Death Syndrome, May 1985, p.16
  12. Andrew Pakula President Reagan's 'Star Wars' Plan Is No Mere Bargaining Chip In Arms Talks, May 1985, p.26
  13. Doug Mohr Peace Movement Needs To Empower People, Not Just Educate them, May 1985, p.27
  14. David Mandel and Eric Shragge Movement Should Work Towards An End To Canada's Role In NATO, May 1985, p.28
  15. Network News, May 1985, p.30

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