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  1. Ann Rowan Letter From the States, April 1985, p.5
  2. Graeme Macqueen G.I. Joe Magazine Recruits Children And Allows Them To Make Up New Enemies, April 1985, p.6
  3. Ken Hancock Understanding Of History Necessary If Movement Is Going To Succeed, April 1985, p.7
  4. Bob Fink Movement Must Raise Awareness Of The "Shell Game" Arms Negotiations, April 1985, p.9
  5. Metta Spencer (Interviewer) The Soul of Nonviolence, April 1985, p.11
  6. Moira Armour Women Planning International Conference On Negotiations, April 1985, p.22
  7. Metta Spencer De-Militarized Zone Discussed In Europe, April 1985, p.23
  8. Andrew Vanvelzen Arkin, Gelb Reveal Plans to Place Nuclear Depth Charges in Canada, April 1985, p.23
  9. Hamish Wilson Watkins Film Wraps Up Shoot at NFB Studios In Montréal, April 1985, p.23
  10. National Letter-writing Coalition, April 1985, p.23
  11. Bob Penner Peace Alliance Underway, April 1985, p.23
  12. Helen Spiegelman Nuclear-Free Pacific Group Sets Priorities, April 1985, p.23
  13. Network News, April 1985, p.29
  14. Joe Mihevc Review: Economic Conversion: Revitalizing America's Economy, April 1985, p.31

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