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  1. Walter Dorn Paxsat: A Canadian Initiative in Arms Control, Oct-Nov 1987, p.17
  2. Walter Dorn The Militias in East Timor: Personal Encounters, Fall 1999, p.16
  3. Walter Dorn An Eye That Does Not Slumber: the UN's Global Watch, Oct-Dec 2003, p.8
  4. Walter Dorn Canadian Peacekeeping: A Proud Tradition, Jul-Sep 2006, p.15
  5. Walter Dorn Canada: The Once and Future Peacekeeper?, Oct-Dec 2006, p.16
  6. Walter Dorn Technology for Peacekeeping: Tools of the Trade?, Jul-Sep 2007, p.16
  7. Walter Dorn (reviewer) What the Thunder Said: Reflections of a Canadian Officer in Kandahar, Oct-Dec 2009, p.28
  8. Walter Dorn Just Wars, Unjust Wars, and Everything In Between, January-March 2013, p.6
  9. A. Walter Dorn Cyberpeacekeeping: the Challenge, Jan-Mar 2018, p.27
  10. Walter Dorn From War Games to Peacekeeping Games, Oct-Dec 2020, p.19

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