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  1. Rajan Philips Ethnonationalism and the Sri Lanka Crisis, Jan-Feb 1997, p.12
  2. Rajan Philips The World After 9/11, Jan-Mar 2002, p.10
  3. Rajan Philips Journey to Jaffna, Oct-Dec 2002, p.20
  4. Rajan Philips US-India Nuclear Handshake, Apr-Jun 2006, p.22
  5. Rajan Philips After the Mumbai Attacks, Jan-Mar 2009, p.20
  6. Rajan Philips Sri Lanka's Turmoil Far From Over, Jul-Sep 2009, p.21
  7. Rajan Philips Big Power Sanctions versus Middle Power Diplomacy for Iran, Jul-Sep 2010, p.14

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