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  1. Kathleen O'Hara (reviewer) Hope in Hard Times, Apr-May 1987, p.10
  2. Kathleen O'Hara (reviewer) Roots of Peace, Oct-Nov 1987, p.42
  3. Kathleen O'Hara Military Intelligence, Feb-Mar 1988, p.30
  4. Kathleen O'Hara (compiler) Free Trade Fallout, Apr-May 1988, p.18
  5. Metta Spencer; Kathleen O'Hara; Robert Penner Newsworthy, Apr-May 1988, p.26
  6. Donald Craig, Peter Davison, Alan Wilson, Kathleen O'Hara, Andrea Levy, Eric Shragge, Ellen Gould Notes, Oct-Nov 1988, p.26

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