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  1. Brian Burch The United Church Divided, Sep-Oct 1992, p.22
  2. Brian Burch General Electric on parole, Jan-Feb 1993, p.23
  3. Brian Burch (reviewer) Conflict mediation across cultures, Mar-Apr 1993, p.29
  4. Brian Burch (reviewer) Why I Survived the A-Bomb, Nov-Dec 1993, p.15
  5. Brian Burch In memoriam: Clarke MacDonald 1920-1993, Jan-Feb 1994, p.13
  6. Brian Burch (reviewer) Between the lines: international short stories of war, Mar-Apr 1995, p.27
  7. Brian Burch (reviewer) Review: Fighting for Hope: Organizing to Realize our Dreams, Jul-Aug 1996, p.26
  8. Brian Burch (reviewer) Review: Fighting the Lamb's War: The Autobiography of Philip Berrigan, Mar-Apr 1997, p.30

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