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  1. Andrew Pakula President Reagan's 'Star Wars' Plan Is No Mere Bargaining Chip In Arms Talks, May 1985, p.26
  2. Andrew Pakula and Mark Pancer Interview with a Peacemaker-Veteran, December 1985, p.17
  3. Andrew Pakula, Sonja Licht HCA Delegation Visits Romania, Jul-Aug 1991, p.8
  4. Andrew Pakula Letter from Belgrade, Jul-Aug 1991, p.11
  5. Mac Makarchuk, Andrew Pakula, Janis Alton HCA, Nov-Dec 1991, p.5
  6. Andrew Pakula Yugoslavia on fire, Nov-Dec 1991, p.8
  7. Andrew Pakula (interviewer) Aftermath, Mar-Apr 1992, p.16
  8. Andrew Pakula War and peace: Yugoslavia, the world's failure, May-Jun 1995, p.16
  9. Andrew Pakula The Dayton Accord: pro: a reluctant defence, Mar-Apr 1996, p.16

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