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  1. Andres Kahar Altered States: Latvian Security, Spring 2000, p.10
  2. Andres Kahar Re-imagining Security in Latvia, Jan-Mar 2001, p.24
  3. Andres Kahar Michael Ignatieff's Surprising Habits, Apr-Jun 2001, p.18
  4. Andres Kahar Hawking Ideas About War in Iraq, Oct-Dec 2004, p.19
  5. Andres Kahar The Importance of Being Seriously Funny, Apr-Jun 2005, p.27
  6. Andres Kahar The Terrorized Worlds of Jack and Michael, Jul-Sep 2005, p.6
  7. Andres Kahar Christopher Hitchens is Right Again, Jan-Mar 2006, p.21
  8. Andres Kahar Stephen Colbert Speaks 'Truthiness' to Power, Apr-Jun 2007, p.21

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