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January-March 2019: Vol.35, No.1

…Canadian disarmament groups. COMMENT Our Friend Gene Sharp: a conversation with Jamila Raqib For most of her … life, Jamila Raqib worked alongside the late Gene Sharp at the Albert Einstein Institution. In a video …

Found in Vol.35, No.1: Jan-Mar 2019

Our Friend Gene Sharp: A Conversation with Jamila Raqib

…Gandhi. I don’t think they even knew about Gene Sharp at that point, but they had seen the film Gandhi. … elsewhere that year. Do you know how much was Gene Sharp’s influence and how much was shaped by the … this, Jamila—I’m not sure that even Gene Sharp himself paid enough attention to the … Peter Ackerman, who was very much a follower of Gene Sharp in his thinking, he said something like: When … I may be misrepresenting his ideas, but I think Gene Sharp had a similar attitude. I had asked Gene once …


April-June 2018: Vol.34, No.2

…around the infamous defoliant Agent Orange. Gene Sharp: Freedom, Tyranny, and Peace The famed theorist … Action Here’s the very succinct list which Gene Sharp devised in 1971. It draws on nonviolent protest …

Found in Vol.34, No.2: Apr-Jun 2018

Gene Sharp: Freedom, Tyranny, and Peace

…favorite to win the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, Gene Sharp was not disappointed when he was passed over. … in accordance with the instructions of Gene Sharp.” While some US academicians who were also …

Found in Vol.31, No.3: Jul-Sep 2015

Nonviolence: Engaging Youth in Social Change

…has been overtaken by the politics of violence. Gene Sharp and his followers have given nonviolent action a …

Found in Vol.31, No.3: Jul-Sep 2015

A Visit with Peter Ackerman and Hardy Merriman

…with outcome nearly as much as commonly assumed. Gene Sharp was my doctoral adviser, and I was doctoral … just about protests. There are other dimensions. Gene Sharp listed 198 tactics. They can be classified two … capability and still win? I want you to meet Gene Sharp.” So Gene became my thesis adviser, and … a shot.” SPENCER: Okay. I once asked Gene Sharp something like this: Isn’t it important, …

Found in Vol.31, No.1: Jan-Mar 2015

A Peace Activist's War

…However, several years later I started reading Gene Sharp about nonviolent resistance. Before 2004 I had …

Found in Vol.29, No.2: Apr-Jun 2013

Idle No More

…action. On the web site, resource links include Gene Sharp’s 198 methods of nonviolent resistance. …

Found in Vol.29, No.1: Jan-Mar 2013

From the Editor

…want to, but because they feel that they must. As Gene Sharp puts it, in such cases, what is needed is an …

Found in Vol.29, No.1: Jan-Mar 2013

Civil Resistance Beats Violence: The Verdict is In

…by Kurt Schock, Jeff Goodwin, Stephen Zunes, and Gene Sharp, and then added to them based on additional case …

Found in Vol.28, No.3: Jul-Sep 2012

Putin and Russian Democracy

…received training in nonviolent resistance, a la Gene Sharp, but this may only be a legend that was invented …

Found in Vol.28, No.1: Jan-Mar 2012

From the Editor

…the discussions in this issue by and about Gene Sharp. …

Found in Vol.28, No.1: Jan-Mar 2012

Principled and Pragmatic Peace

…In the preceding interview Gene Sharp refers to an unpublished paper he had once … But that approach is fundamentally passive, and Gene Sharp himself would never be satisfied with it alone. … be resolved.” Celebrate Nonviolent Conflict Gene Sharp is not your average peacenik. For thirty years … activists, hates conflict and wants to stop it. Gene Sharp, on the other hand, believes conflict is a normal … victims and defend human rights. The genius of Gene Sharp, like that of Gandhi, is to ask this: How can we …

Found in Vol.28, No.1: Jan-Mar 2012

Gene Sharp's Ideas are Breaking Through

…on a masters thesis and have managed to turn into Gene Sharp, the guy on the front page of the New York Times. … How do we deal with this situation from now on? Gene Sharp’s most recent publication is Sharp’s …

Found in Vol. 27, No.4: Oct-Dec 2011

Responsibility to Protect and the Libyan Intervention

…without recourse to violence, had been reading Gene Sharp and so on, the other countries were doing this as …



…gallery : 198 methods of nonviolent action by Gene Sharp : Disarmament Campaigns archive : Link to other …

Found in Vol.26, No.1: Jan-Mar 2010

Human Survival, the H-Bomb, the Taboo Formula, the Game of Chicken, Power Politics, and Deterrence

…our oppression; see many examples cited by Gene Sharp. 1 We also have what is called the “theory … retired chemist. She lives in Hamilton. Notes 1 Gene Sharp’s latest work, Waging Nonviolent Struggle: …


The Methods of Nonviolent Action

…item; display:inline; } ​​​​​(from Gene Sharp, The Methods of Nonviolent Action, Boston 1973) … to the Albert Einstein Institution for more of Gene Sharp’s work …

Found in Vol.24, No.1: Jan-Mar 2008

Training Pro-Democracy Movements: A Conversation with Colonel Robert Helvey

…my year there -- 1987-88. That's where I met Gene Sharp. I attended a meeting of his Program for … they might be able to use. I introduced them to Gene Sharp's From Dictatorship to Democracy. They had the … awed, but I have to contrast you to the younger Gene Sharp whom I first met in Dubrovnik in 1983. It was a … nonviolent conflict is waged. They are reading Gene Sharp's books. They are reading the memoirs of people …

Found in Vol.23, No.3: Jul-Sep 2007

Nonviolence: Twenty-five Lessons from the History of a Dangerous Idea

…gets a light treatment; modern theorists, like Gene Sharp, are absent. Nonviolence also fails to rigorously …

Found in Vol.22, No.1: Jan-Mar 2006


…handful of individuals who carry out the work of Gene Sharp's remarkable organization, the Albert Einstein …

Found in Vol.21, No.3: Jul-Sep 2005

Waging Nonviolent Struggle:20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential

Gene Sharp has outdone himself. For thirty years he has been … which they had trained, explicitly drawing from Gene Sharp's writings -- especially his booklet From …

Found in Vol.21, No.3: Jul-Sep 2005

From the Editor

…movements following the good strategic advice of Gene Sharp (whose new book is reviewed herein) -- often with …

Found in Vol.21, No.1: Jan-Mar 2005


…influenced by a translation into Ukrainian of Gene Sharp's book on nonviolent struggle, From Dictatorship … approximated the nonviolent tactics advocated in Gene Sharp's training manuals which were translated into …

Found in Vol.21, No.1: Jan-Mar 2005

From the Editor

…-- one more validation of the work of Gene Sharp and Robert Helvey. As Jesse Jackson commented, …

Found in Vol.21, No.1: Jan-Mar 2005

Canada's International Policy Review

…as an alternative to warfare has been explored by Gene Sharp, Robert Helvey, Peter Ackerman, Jack DuVall, and … others to join the resistance -- a phenomenon Gene Sharp calls the "jiu jitsu" effect. Nonviolent struggle …

Found in Vol.20, No.2: Apr-Jun 2004

Who's Afraid of PD?

…probably the most effective interpreter of Gene Sharp's methods of nonviolent resistance, proposed the … government-in-exile has consulted at length with Gene Sharp about applying his methods. PD is attractive to … popular mobilization detailed and promoted by Gene Sharp, he replied, "In my six years, I never saw … would promote such methods as those developed by Gene Sharp now find funding difficult to acquire. Mika … could have been taken right from the pages of a Gene Sharp training manual. These include: refusal of …

Found in Vol.20, No.2: Apr-Jun 2004

Buddhist Peacemakers

…movement inside China and has consulted with Gene Sharp about possible nonviolent strategies. He said he …

Found in Vol.19, No.4: Oct-Dec 2003

Einstein's Legacy

…introduction to conscientious objector Gene Sharp's book on Gandhi, 1953.) He was convinced that …

Found in Vol.19, No.3: Jul-Sep 2003

From the Editor

…wars without violence. See the interview with Gene Sharp, and the article by John Bacher on targeted …

Found in Vol.19, No.3: Jul-Sep 2003

Gene Sharp 101

…How did you come to do your original research? GENE SHARP:Well, from high school age, I was aware of the …

Found in Vol.19, No.2: Apr-Jun 2003

Robert Helvey's Expert Political Defiance

…by the leading theorist of nonviolent resistance, Gene Sharp. Greatly impressed by Sharp's analysis of how to … him to ask Helvey to train more Karen leaders. Gene Sharp joined Helvey at the request of the American … actually pursued the strategies advocated by Gene Sharp. That policy was clearly and openly articulated …

Found in Vol.19, No.1: Jan-Mar 2003

Review: Searching for Peace: The Road to Transcend

…strategies towards a global democratic peace, Gene Sharp, in his cautionary book, Social Power and …

Found in Vol.19, No.1: Jan-Mar 2003

Ushering Democracy into Iraq - Nonviolently

…influenced by the eminent peace researcher Gene Sharp, maintain that the success or failure of …

Found in Vol.18, No.4: Oct-Dec 2002

From the Editor

…resistance, following the astute advice of Gene Sharp. Opposition movements have mixed opinions about …

Found in Vol.18, No.4: Oct-Dec 2002

Nonviolence Versus Saddam Hussein

…encouraged to follow the strategies described in Gene Sharp's From Dictatorship to Democracy. …

Found in Vol.18, No.4: Oct-Dec 2002

Tibetan Nonviolence Movement Revitalizes

…designed in cooperation with nonviolent guru Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Institute in Cambridge …

Found in Vol.18, No.3: Jul-Sep 2002

Video review: Bringing Down a Dictator

…through the writings of American scholar Gene Sharp. They immediately adopted Sharp's ideas as the … House, to print and distribute 5,000 copies of Gene Sharp's book, From Dictatorship to Democracy: A …

Found in Vol.18, No.3: Jul-Sep 2002

Visiting the Powder Keg: A Chat with Ayad Al-Qazzaz

…the way they got rid of Milo-sevic? They imported Gene Sharp's methods of nonviolence to groups of Serbian …

Found in Vol.18, No.1: Jan-Mar 2002

Democratic Nonviolence Lives Among the Pushtuns

…recognized by the eminent nonviolence theorist Gene Sharp as one of the world's best organized and heroic …

Found in Vol.18, No.1: Jan-Mar 2002

Islamic Politics in the Balkans: A Short History

…sanctions taught by the American peace researcher Gene Sharp. Milosevic was ousted and soon sent to The Hague, …

Found in Vol.17, No.4: Oct-Dec 2001

Gene Sharp and Serbia

…the advice of the Boston-based peace researcher Gene Sharp and his organization, the Albert Einstein … Robert Helvey, on the methods developed by Gene Sharp. Helvey trained Otpor activists and created a … The Albert Einstein Institution Visits Serbia Gene Sharp provided the model by which Otpor managed to rid … is Miller's report of that visit. by Chris Miller Gene Sharp and I visited Belgrade and several outlying towns … Dictatorship to Democracy" As we soon learned, Gene Sharp's name pervades a vast cross-section of Serbian …

Found in Vol.17, No.3: Jul-Sep 2001

Review: The Lessons of Yugoslavia

…Otpor), with guidance from nonviolent strategist Gene Sharp, eventually helped provide the discipline to …

Found in Vol.17, No.2: Apr-Jun 2001

The Formative Influences on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

…doctrine of "moral jiu-jitsu," as Gene Sharp and others will also do later. In his final year …

Found in Vol.14, No.3: May 1998

From the Editor

…Peace Movement." Speakers: Dietrich Fischer, Gene Sharp, and Anatol Rapoport! Check out the ad on the …

Found in Vol.13, No.5: Sep-Oct 1997

From The Editor

…we pursue our collective self-interest.) Finally, Gene Sharp points out the value of developing non-violent …

Found in Vol.13, No.5: Sep-Oct 1997

Leading Edges of Peace Research

…Anatol Rapoport (University of Toronto) and Dr. Gene Sharp (senior scholar at the Albert Einstein …

Found in Vol.13, No.4: Jul-Aug 1997

From the Editor

…Peace Movement." Speakers: Dietrich Fischer, Gene Sharp, and Anatol Rapoport! Check out the ad on the …

Found in Vol.10, No.6: Nov-Dec 1994

Unarmed forces

…Square. But, the audience had a chance to hear Gene Sharp, the world's foremost theorist of nonviolence. …

Found in Vol.10, No.4: Jul-Aug 1994

Reconciliation with the Stasi?

…Ahrehd's view is, in essence, that of Gandhi, Gene Sharp, and Vaclav Havel: a totalitarian society is …

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