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Found in Vol.09, No.6: Nov-Dec 1993

Real Peacekeeping or War Control Missions?

…and arms sales to or from that country. Finally, Gene Sharp's list of 198 known means of nonviolent struggle …

Found in Vol.09, No.4: Sep-Oct 1993

Peace: an idea whose time has come

…fights of their own civilian populations. Like Gene Sharp, Rapoport sees morally or religiously focused …

Found in Vol.09, No.1: Jan-Feb 1993

Next: UN reform?

…Defence (CbD), such as Stephen King-Hall, Gene Sharp, Adam Roberts, and Theodor Ebert have unearthed, …

Found in Vol.07, No.6: Nov-Dec 1991

From the Editor

…a friend's e-mail) that Yeltsin had arranged for Gene Sharp's 198 means of non-violent resistance to be … a peace group that did so, not Yeltsin's people. Gene Sharp's staff checked into the story and learned that …

Found in Vol.07, No.5: September 1991

A Coup for Nonviolence

…sent news. Yeltsin, they said, had made copies of Gene Sharp's list of 196 means of nonviolent action (see …

Found in Vol.06, No.5: Oct-Nov 1990

The Origins of Violence

…from 1682 to 1756, and the enumeration of Gene Sharp's valuable documentation of the varied techniques …

Found in Vol.06, No.4: Aug-Sep 1990

Disarmament Campaigns

…IN ONE WELL-ATTENDED WORKSHOP, U.S. professor Gene Sharp, an internationally recognized authority on …

Found in Vol.06, No.4: Aug-Sep 1990

What is Common Security? A Conceptual Comparison

…Peace News Pamphlet 1964, 5 Caledonian Rd, London Gene Sharp, The Politics of Nonviolent Action. Pilgrim, …

Found in Vol.06, No.2: Apr-May 1990

India Adopts Non-Violent Defense When Free

…defense, took the course of military defense. Gene Sharp has analyzed this departure as a result of a …

Found in Vol.06, No.1: Feb-Mar 1990

Exploring The Ethics Of Nonviolence In Moscow

…personal dimensions of nonviolent action. Gene Sharp, who has done more than anyone else to …

Found in Vol.05, No.5: Oct-Nov 1989

Before Beijing Spring: A Talk with Victor Falkenheim

…institutions to function honestly and well. Kim: Gene Sharp has denied that foreign influence shaped this …

Found in Vol.05, No.4: Aug-Sep 1989

Killing the Pig to Frighten the Monkey

…Metta Spencer: Tell us all about it! Gene Sharp: Our visit was short: four or five days before … the Chinese people themselves. The translation of Gene Sharp's research is funded through a nonprofit …

Found in Vol.04, No.6: Dec 1988-Jan 1989

Some Literature on Nonviolence

Gene Sharp, Making Europe Unconquerable: The Potential of …

Found in Vol.04, No.6: Dec 1988-Jan 1989

Nonviolent Resistance in the Holy Land

…well as works by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Gene Sharp. He expected to work as a therapist, but he …

Found in Vol.04, No.2: Apr-May 1988

Nonviolence and Armed Struggle: a Conversation

…the amazing history of nonviolence. Who has read Gene Sharp's Making Europe Unconquerable about the real …

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