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  1. Newsworthy: Nord Stream 2 Can Pump Gas Before the Summit, Jul-Sep 2021, p.2
  2. Newsworthy: Canadians Want to Join the TPNW, Jul-Sep 2021, p.2
  3. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Jul-Sep 2021, p.4
  4. Our Readers Write, Jul-Sep 2021, p.5
  5. James C. Simeon Stop Wars and End the World Refugee Crisis, Jul-Sep 2021, p.6
  6. J. Enkhsaikhan Denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, Jul-Sep 2021, p.8
  7. Alon Ben-Meir Erdogan's Misogyny Transcends His Moral Decadence, Jul-Sep 2021, p.10
  8. Metta Spencer "No First Use" Becomes Possible Again, Jul-Sep 2021, p.12
  9. Peace Magazine Goes Global, Jul-Sep 2021, p.13
  10. John Bacher Save the Caribou!, Jul-Sep 2021, p.14
  11. Mustafa Bahran The Yemeni Conundrum, Jul-Sep 2021, p.16
  12. Yusur Al-Bahrani Israel Jails Palestinian Children, Jul-Sep 2021, p.20
  13. Clips from Chats, Jul-Sep 2021, p.22
  14. Stephen Harold Riggins Donald Willmott 1925-2021, Jul-Sep 2021, p.24
  15. Craig B. Smith and William D, Fletcher (reviewers) How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Jul-Sep 2021, p.25
  16. Trudy Govier (reviewer) The Frontlines of Peace, Jul-Sep 2021, p.27
  17. The Spring 2021 Video List, Jul-Sep 2021, p.28
  18. Newsworthy: Daniel Ellsberg Reveals More, Jul-Sep 2021, p.2
  19. Joanna Santa Barbara and Andre Kamenshikov Current Controversies, Jul-Sep 2021, p.31

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