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  1. Newsworthy, Apr-Jun 2019, p.2
  2. Metta Spencer From the Editor, Apr-Jun 2019, p.4
  3. Our Readers Write, Apr-Jun 2019, p.5
  4. Yusur Al-Bahrani Uighur Repression in China, Apr-Jun 2019, p.6
  5. Metta Spencer, Sergey Rogov, Theodore Postol, Douglas Roche After the INF Treaty?, Apr-Jun 2019, p.8
  6. Lois Wilson North Korea: Isolation or Engagement?, Apr-Jun 2019, p.16
  7. abraham Weizfeld The Ben-Gurion Interrogation, Apr-Jun 2019, p.18
  8. Erika Simpson SNC-Lavalin: Follow the (Big) Money, Apr-Jun 2019, p.20
  9. Anna Karetnikova The Siren, Apr-Jun 2019, p.24
  10. Sheila Pratt Canada's Main Peace Man: The Hon. Douglas Roche O.C., Apr-Jun 2019, p.25
  11. Douglas Roche (reviewer) The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, Apr-Jun 2019, p.27
  12. Rose Dyson (reviewer) Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression and the Psychology of Killing, Apr-Jun 2019, p.28

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