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  1. Metta Spencer and Michael Johansen (interviewers) Nonprovocative Defence, August 1985, p.16
  2. Michael Candler The People's Enquiry, Apr-May 1986, p.5
  3. Michael Duff The Ottawa Peace Movement, Oct-Nov 1986, p.16
  4. Michael Christ If They Nuked Toronto, Sep-Oct 1992, p.11
  5. Michael Enright (interviewer) Crimes of the past, Jul-Aug 1994, p.22
  6. Michael Ignatieff Blood & belonging: journeys into the new nationalism, Jul-Aug 1994, p.28
  7. Alan Dearnley; Michael Johnston; Susan McClelland People of global spirit, Jan-Feb 1996, p.16
  8. Anita Krajnc, Michael Greenspoon Singing Together For Social Change, Jul-Aug 1997, p.6
  9. Michael J. Bischoff Resistance is the Secret of Joy, May-June 1998, p.20
  10. Rob Fairmichael Northern Ireland Chooses New Possibilities, Jul-Aug 1998, p.23
  11. Michael Schull MSF, the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Canadian connection, Winter 2000, p.6
  12. Michael Oliver Global governance, Winter 2000, p.19
  13. Michael Leube Las Ramblas's Lamas, Apr-Jun 2002, p.13
  14. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Progressive Spirit: A Conversation with Rabbi Michael Lerner, Oct-Dec 2007, p.16
  15. Michael Shipler Nepal's Youth as Peacebuilders, Apr-Jun 2008, p.8
  16. Michael Dennis Wendell Willkie in Baghdad: Roads Not Taken in the Middle East, Oct-Dec 2008, p.21
  17. Michael Spies Solving the Iran Nuclear Situation Peaceably: An Update on the Dual Track Approach, Oct-Dec 2009, p.11
  18. Michael Wallace Prospects for the Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty, Oct-Dec 2010, p.14
  19. Michael Schwartz Why Mubarak Fell: The (Sometimes) Incredible Power of Nonviolent Protest, Apr-Jun 2011, p.6
  20. Michael Veiluva Iran Through the Looking Glass, Jan-Mar 2012, p.20
  21. Michael Taylor Ross Pope Francis and a New Dialogue, Oct-Dec 2015, p.24

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