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  1. Mel Watkins (reviewer) The Beatification of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Jul-Sep 2006, p.27
  2. Mel Watkins Four Faces of Globalization, Apr-Jun 2009, p.18
  3. Mel Watkins Hot News on the Cold War, Apr-Jun 2010, p.27
  4. Mel Watkins In Praise of Those Who Would Not Build the Bomb, Oct-Dec 2011, p.21
  5. Mel Watkins (reviewer) To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918, Jan-Mar 2012, p.29
  6. Mel Watkins (reviewer) The Crimean War: A History, Apr-Jun 2012, p.28
  7. Mel Watkins Our Wiser Angels are Ending Warfare, Oct-Dec 2012, p.6
  8. Mel Watkins (reviewer) Peacemakers: How People Around the World Are Building a World Free of War, Jul-Sep 2014, p.28
  9. Mel Watkins Canada and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Jul-Sep 2016, p.24
  10. Mel Watkins Brexit and Trexit, Oct-Dec 2016, p.16
  11. Mel Watkins Ursula Franklin (1921-2016), Jan-Mar 2017, p.18

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