Peace Magazine

Vol.32, No.3: July-September 2016

71 years after Hiroshima, time to disarm the nukes

Hiroshima’s iconic Genbaku Dome, close to the epicentre of the 6 August 1945 atomic bombing. Photo: bgabel, via Wikimedia Commons

What can we do to support a breakthrough resolution on disarmament (and get our government to come on board as a co-sponsor)? Get to work on social media, urges Metta Spencer in Let’s Go Viral!. COMMENT

Opinion poll on nuclear abolition

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Also in this issue

Call on Canada to Play a Leadership Role in Nuclear Disarmament
The Conference on Disarmament is a moribund body that has not been able to agree even on a program of work for more than two decades. Earl Turcotte says it’s time to change, and for Canada to lead.

Pakistan’s Bomb
Since 1947, when India and Pakistan became two independent states, they have gone to war four times. In a phone conversation with Metta Spencer, Islamabad-based physicist and activist Pervez Hoodbhoy discusses the history and current state of Pakistan’s nuclear program. COMMENT

Proliferation of Drones ­ Raises New Concerns
Drones could reinvent how humanitarian aid is provided-but they are also being deployed as weapons half a world away, notes Erika Simpson. COMMENT

Canada and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
We’re in a situation where a corporation could be elected leader of the Free World, notes Mel Watkins. COMMENT

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Updated 25 July 2016

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